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Chinese porcelain have been long stimulated keen aesthetic appreciation in Europe and America.  With ongoing exhibitions have created a livelier appreciation of the nature of Chinese ceramic wares, greater discernment in identifying them and more knowledge and skill in attributing  to their correct periods.

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The invention of the hard, white and translucent porcelain first became popular in the 14th century represents the ultimate skill of the Chinese potter.

This 14th century  represents a complete break with the earlier tradition of the Sung Dynasty (AD960 -1279) and the subsequent Mongol Yuan dynasty  (AD1279 – 1368) where nearly all Chinese Ceramics wares were of pottery made from coarser clays and stone wares which are being fired at BlueWhiteMeiPing 503x1024 China Antiques comparatively low temperatures.

The newly invented porcelain was decorated with brilliant underglaze colours either cobalt blue or copper red.

Copper red decoration often  referred as ‘underglazed red’ seldom proved satisfactory until the Qing Dynasty in the 17th century.

But the underglaze blue of which the porcelain is painted with cobalt blue , glazed and fired at high temperature have proven to be more successful.

This form of decoration known as ‘blue and white’ had never ceased to capture the most popular genre in the Chinese World of Antiques today.

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